Nathan John GiosePeer/Full Stack Developer

Mujaid is one of the most dedicated workers, amongst my peers. He's never afraid to experiment new code, and although he is an introverted individual- when the class starts working then the selfless nature of him comes out.

Zoe Strachan Peer/Full Stack Developer

Mujaid's perseverance and natural talent make him an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. His patience and 'strong silent type' nature make him a pleasure to always be around.

Tashwill Andries Peer/Full Stack Developer

Mujaid is not only honest but a pleasure to work with his willingness to go the extra mile is truly inspiring. His skills when it comes to web development is no doubt amazibg, he will become an excellent front end developer.

Zaid Flandorp Peer/Full Stack Developer

I find it easy to work with Mujaid Karriem as he is always focused on what has to be done and never strays away from his path. Mujaid has a humble nature and is always willing to help where possible.

Jason Wandrag Lecturer/Front-end Developer

With his tall stature and deep voice, Mujaid is the gentle giant of the group. He is hard working and shows an excellent work ethic

Thapelo Tsotetsi Lecturer/Back-end Developer

Kariem is a wonderful student. He has a great personality and always willing to learn more. Kariem has an incredible skill of being able to learn new programming languages quickly. I high recommend Kariem for a Full-stack position.